ZZone Forum Upgrade

Written by George, 2015-11-14

It was finally time for another forum upgrade. Not only did a lot of spammers find they way in (I just hate 'em) but the forum software itself had seen a lot of updates in the meantime.

So first, I spend a few hours and rocket fuel cans on removing the spammers and their posts. Then, I attacked the upgrade to the newest release of phpBB. A fine team of developers I must say. It went fairly well and after I tested the whole procedure locally, I did the same thing online.

This time though I did not put too much effort into a custom design. I found a great theme by Arty that comes close enough to what we had before, even though it is not as colorful. But it has great features, works well and fast and is now responsive too. That is a nice touch I must say.

So, I hope you enjoy the new forum.

George aka "Zod"


The ZZone is back!

Written by George, 2014-07-26

Z is a famous computer game from 1996. The ZZone is its fan community website.

The ZZone was born in 2004. It was a combination of a main website and a community forum. It quickly became the official fan website supported by The Bitmap Brothers, the makers of the game.

In early 2013, when a major technology update would have been necessary to keep the main site alive I decided to shut it down for the time being and just continue with the forum.

A year and a half has passed. Amazingly, the popularity and hard core fans of this classic game have not diminished. But not available anymore was all the interesting and cool content we had collected. Lost with the ZZone main site.

Well, it's time to change that. Over the last weeks I grabbed what ever time I had and put back the good stuff we had at the ZZone into a new main site. It will be more static this time but it will be there for you. Enjoy the new site on all your devices cause the main site is now responsive.

George aka "Zod"


The New Releases on Steam and GoG

Written by George, 2014-07-21

Much to the enjoyment of the die-hard Z fans, Steam and Good Old Games (GoG) have just released the original game. While you need a Steam account to play Z from the Steam site, you can just download the game from GoG and install it locally on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Both sites ask for $6.99 for the game which I was happy to spend to get that awesome feeling back hearing my bots scream at me.. "For God's sake, do something!".

Z on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/275530/

Z on GoG: http://www.gog.com/game/z


The Game

"For God's sake, do something!" At least when that happens, when your own robots yell at you cause they are being beaten up by the enemy, you understand that this is not the normal kind of strategy game you are playing. Graphics, humor, AI and simply fun is perfectly combined in this awesome game. That was nearly 20 years ago...

The Player Guide

Are you up to the challenge, yourself in a single player game or with friends in a multiplayer fight? We have put together the original Player Guides from 1996 on the ZZone. Learn about the robots, vehicles and weapons you control. Find out about how to approach each level best and how to finish them as "Warlord" eventually...


The Bitmap Brothers

"Who are those guys?" Not only is this a famous quote from Butch Cassidy & The Sundance kid, it is also what we want to shed some light on in regards to the guys who started this all. A group of British pioneers, breeding out an awesome game idea were putting this great game together, finally publishing it in 1996...


"Check out our collection of screenshots, videos and other media from and about the game...


The ZZone Forum

Ok, so you're ready to join the community? Sign up to our forum and share your thoughts and joy with us...

Other Sites

Check out other sites about the game, including the original Bitmap Brothers homepage...